Lessons In This Class

Phase 1: Basics

Welcome to “Craft of Logo Design: Beginner to Advanced” with Rohan Kumar, an expert in the world of logo design. Rohan brings to you an exclusive one-on-one mentorship experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Unlike pre-recorded courses, this is a live and interactive journey tailored specifically to your needs and aspirations. All sessions will be conducted remotely via Zoom or Google Meet calls, offering you the flexibility to learn from anywhere in the world.

🌟 The Benefits of One-on-One Learning:

1. Direct Interaction: One-on-one classes are better than video courses because you can talk directly to me. You can ask questions, clear your doubts, and get feedback right away.

2. Customized for You: In these classes it’s only you and me, I make sure to teach according to your needs and goals. I do understand that everyone is different, and I adjust my teaching to suit you.

3. Works for Everyone: While video courses are okay for some people, they don’t work for everyone. In my one-on-one classes, you get special attention, which means your learning experience is made just for you, increasing your chances of success.

4. Flexible Scheduling: Arrange sessions at a time that suits your schedule, enabling you to balance your learning with other commitments.

Introduction to Logo Design: Rohan will kick off the mentorship by introducing you to the fascinating world of logo design. Drawing inspiration from the principles outlined in the book “Logo Design Love,” Rohan will provide insights into the essential elements of effective logo design.

12 Comprehensive Classes: Over the course of 12 sessions, Rohan will guide you through the complete logo design process, from concept development to execution. Each class will focus on a specific aspect of logo design, ensuring you grasp the intricacies of this art form thoroughly.

Research and Strategy: Understanding the client’s goals and target audience is paramount. Rohan will delve into research best practices and demonstrate how to align your designs with the client’s mission and vision.

Presentation Skills: Learn the art of presenting your logo concepts effectively to clients. Rohan will share practical tips on how to communicate your design ideas clearly and convincingly.

Simplicity and Elegance: Discover why simplicity is the cornerstone of memorable logos. Rohan will show you how to distill complex concepts into clean and impactful designs that resonate with audiences.

Adaptability and Testing: Explore how to ensure your logo design works seamlessly across various mediums. Rohan will share strategies for testing and refining your designs to meet evolving client needs.

Real-World Examples: Gain inspiration from Rohan’s portfolio of successful logo design projects, including stories behind iconic logos created for diverse clients and industries.

From Novice to Expert: Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refine your skills, Rohan’s mentorship caters to all levels of expertise. By the end of this one-on-one mentorship, you’ll have the confidence and knowledge to create logos that leave a lasting impact.

Join Rohan Kumar on this enlightening journey through the Craft of Logo Design, where you’ll not only learn from an expert but also gain insights on real world projects. Take the step towards transforming your passion for design into a rewarding and fulfilling career, all within the personalized and interactive setting of one-on-one remote mentorship.


You need to have a chat with me about your design skills – it’s not a big deal, just to see how good you are or how much help you need. It’s a must to clear this chat. Then, you have to pay half of the course fee upfront and pick a time from the available options.

The expected duration is already mentioned in the “Lessons in this class” section above.

Yes, most of the available timings are designed to be comfortable for you to choose from.

You can find details about what you’ll learn in the “About the class” and “Course highlights” sections above.

Yes, you will receive a certificate.

The course fee varies depending on your design skills, which we’ll assess during the chat. The maximum fee is $600 (around 48,000 INR), and the minimum can be $150 (approximately 12,000 INR).

Yes, you’ll have multiple assignments and even some real paid projects during the course, and you’ll receive feedback.

Yes, you can request a refund, but it will be limited to 25% of the amount you paid.

We’ll focus on the basics of Illustrator, specifically tailored for logo design techniques.

These are my top-secret techniques and tips for successful logo design. They’re like special recipes for making your designs easier and super impactful, which is why they’re kept secret.